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The idea of DreamRoot was first planted through the leadership team’s informal community development initiatives and Jiu Jitsu programs around the world. We witnessed first-hand the effectiveness of community-based leadership, even in the most challenging of environments. We also saw the immense talent and potential that goes unfulfilled in underserved areas. DreamRoot was formally launched in 2019 as a way to bridge the gap for those falling through the cracks in overlooked communities around the world. Through leadership training and community-based programs, DreamRoot can bring needed opportunities to the most overlooked in society and transform nations from the insight out.

Amy and Tony


The Co-Founders of DreamRoot Leadership Institute, Amy and Tony Passos, started the organization after running outreach programs and leader coaching in Northeast Brazil and the United States. The idea for DreamRoot began germinating all the way back in 2008 during Amy's and Tony's informal community service involvement in Tony's hometown of Recife, Brazil. This evolved into the implementation of Jiu Jitsu programs as a tool for leadership and community development and eventually expanded to wider educational and training initiatives with an emphasis on mentoring and personal coaching. 



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