DreamRoot is catalyzing dreams, unleashing potential, and accelerating transformation, one leader at a time.

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DreamRoot's mission is to release the potential of leaders in underserved communities to reverse the cycles of poverty and promote the well-being of every member of society.


To see every person, regardless of their life’s circumstances, be given the opportunity to realize and achieve their dreams; where they are living out their fullest potential and all of society advances as a result.

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DreamRoot was born from the understanding that sustainable development and progress lay in the hearts and minds of individuals at the grassroots level.  An individual who is empowered with a dream and equipped with the tools and support has immense power to transform their own lives and those around them.

Many people around the world, due to the consequences of poverty and broken systems, have been unable to realize their dreams. Being stunted and paralyzed by their current situations, their lives are a struggle just to survive. Consequently, their dreams become forgotten or buried. But when given the permission to dream again, coupled with training and a conducive environment, amazing things begin to happen. This is where DreamRoot comes in.

  • Champion

    We exist to champion the local leader of underserved communities. We empower them to succeed in raising up the next generation of leaders.

  • Partner

    We collaborate with individuals, organizations, and companies around the world to collectively achieve a greater impact

  • Equip

    We serve through leadership training, mentoring, and sponsorship to catalyze individual and community transformation.

  • Resource

    We offer tools, resources and a support network for the development of high-capacity leaders.



A deep conviction at DreamRoot is that every life has value, purpose and potential; and that everyone has the ability to rise to greatness. We believe that one’s dreams and aspirations are a roadmap to fulfilling their unique calling. Having a dream and vision for one’s life is imperative to thrive and progress. Without it, time, talent, and resources are squandered and potential is left unrealized. The dream dies in the ground before it even had a chance to take root. For a dream to grow and bear fruit, it must be rooted and grounded in a conducive environment with the right preparation. The world needs the dreams, talents, and creative solutions of every individual. As one individual rises, we all rise. Here’s to a brighter future marked by unleashed talent, realized dreams, and thriving communities. 

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