DreamRoot offers holistic training and support for local leaders in underserved communities. We maximize the impact of their time and effort to reverse the cycles of poverty and transform the lives of individuals and in their communities.

DreamRoot curriculum engages the leader in their own learning process and focuses on the development of emotional, social and intellectual competences. We concurrently cultivate the leaders physical and/or creative talents. Our individualized approach with all leaders include:

  •         One-on-one support from an experience mentor
  •         Curriculum tailored to their unique environment
  •         Connection to a wider support network.

Our instruction combines:

  •         On-line training platform
  •         Conference calls
  •         In-person workshops
  •         Community with other DreamRoot leaders and partners.

The DreamRoot Leadership Training Program

  •         Prepares individuals for healthy leadership roles
  •         Equips leaders to run their own social initiatives
  •         Launches dreams for human flourishing



DreamRoot Leadership Training Centers serve as a gathering space and resource for local communities in need. The training centers offer programs in sports and arts, with leadership and character development at its core. The centers also offer educational classes and tutoring, serve as incubators for social projects/entrepreneurship, and engage in community outreach activities. Our centers function as hubs for local leaders from other site projects to gain hands-on training and internship opportunities for their initiatives.


DreamRoot programs and centers are community-based and locally operated. By partnering with individuals within a community to serve locally, leaders are developed, the economy is strengthened, and opportunities are created that ultimately empower sustainable transformation.

The core of DreamRoot operations is to facilitate individuals to realize their dreams, gain the skills and opportunities needed to advance, and ultimately contribute their talents to create a thriving collective society.


DreamRoot Leadership Training Centers serve as social impact incubator hubs where locals have a conducive environment for their dreams to take root and develop creative solutions to the problems poverty and violence plaguing their communities. Through DreamRoot incubators, social entrepreneurs benefit from consultation, supplemental training and strategic networking at each stage of enterprise development. Seed investment to launch their own viable social initiatives are available for vetted leaders who have successfully completed training.


Further, sponsorship opportunities are available to leaders and students of DreamRoot programs. It is common for individuals from the communities we work in to struggle to cover the costs associated with school uniforms and national college entrance exam fees. Additionally, many individuals in our sports programs cannot afford the registration and travel fees to participate in local tournaments and competitions. Additional needs at various projects include musical instruments, sports uniforms, textbooks, etc. Our sponsorship program includes these types of educational and training items as well as initiatives that connect with and address dire basic needs of the community.



Sports, Fitness

& the Arts

Tutoring and

Lifeskills Classes





Who We Work With


Local Leaders

DreamRoot comes along side with those serving in under-resourced communities to effect through social initiatives like sports programs, arts, music, after school tutoring and college prep courses, life skills classes, and coming up with solutions to meet dire basic needs.



We help to equip the students of the local leader's social initiative; positioning them to discover their talents, to dream for more and fulfill their potential. DreamRoot students are empowered to be the solution and bring about transformation within their own sphere of influence.

Community Photo


 DreamRoot takes a holistic approach within the communities we serve. We volunteer to address basic needs. And work together with students’ families and partner with local organizations and schools to leverage our effort for greater and lasting impact.




Sterling, Virginia

Program: Youth Outreach

Paulista, Pernamabuco/ Brazil

Local Leader: Jhonatas Alves

Program: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Fonfrede, Haiti

Local Leaders: David and Rose Jean

Program: Soccer

São José da Tapera, Brazil

Local Leaders: Julio and David

Program: Jiu Jitsu

Aldeia, Brazil

Local Leader: Jesse Hall

Program: Jiu Jitsu

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