Your time and skills are valuable to us

DreamRoot is supported by many volunteers who are a core part of our team. Our volunteer opportunities range from media and fundraising to teaching and mentoring. You will make new friends and learn skills, while helping us to transform lives and reverse the cycles of poverty.  If you have time to give and the commitment to make an impact, get in touch with us by emailing hello@dreamrootinstitute.org to find out how you can become a DreamRoot volunteer.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Public Relations/Marketing Volunteer

We are currently looking for skilled media and communications volunteers who can help us get the DreamRoot word out. The position includes:

  • Collaborating with our team to create a branding campaign and build web presence.
  • Administrating our social media channels and creating compelling content.
  • Creating messaging and communications for our current and potential partners.
  • Expressing your creativity, having fun and dreaming with us!

Curriculum Design and Development Volunteer

We are currently producing various custom leadership training materials and programs. Various opportunities exist to get involved with this project. If you are an excellent writer, have desktop publishing skills, curriculum development experience, or are able to translate material to Portuguese, we would love to connect with you!