Meet Rose and David


Rose and David are a powerhouse couple who lives in Fonfrede, Haiti. They believe in the capacity of the local Haiti people and have a shared vision for their nation of Haiti to be a restored and prosperous country where its citizens no longer live in abject poverty but have the means and skills to live a live of health and well-being.


Entrepreneurs through and through the couple currently runs their own goat farm where they raise and sell livestock for a living. Rose is also a fitness instructor and offers personal training. And David leads a soccer (more commonly referred to as football) program for the children and youth in their surrounding community. Throughout the year, David orchestrates a community-wide tournament where various local neighborhoods get together for playoffs. They love to walk through the community and visit friends and various neighbors to connect and build relationship. David and Rose use these programs to reach those in their communities to teach life skills and instill a higher vision for their own personal lives and their communities.

In many ways than one, Rose and David have been impacting their community at the grassroots level.  The two have been instrumental in developing a partnership with Haitians Can to bring access to water directly to the homes of those in their local community. They explain in this video that the water tower construction they undertook this summer is to improve the quality of like for particularly the women and children. No longer needing to haul heavy water jugs back and forth from wells to their homes, which are brutal on the body and time consuming, locals will now we free up to use their time in more edifying ways. Way to go David, Rose and Haitians Can!

DreamRoot has been partnering with Rose and David long before our organization was formalized. We are looking forward to continuing this relationship as we come alongside to strengthen and scale their sports and fitness programs as well as social entrepreneurial training initiatives.

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