Learning to Lead with Language


In the face of social distancing, since early April, DreamRoot has rolled out a virtual ESL (or English as a second language) program that doubles as a leadership training cohort for 24 underprivileged young women in Northeast Brazil. The students interact with 10 bi-lingual DreamRoot Instructors who are teaching across 4 countries: Finland, England, the United States, and Brazil.

Through the power of technology, thanks to Zoom and WhatsApp, the students stay connected and learn throughout the week. During classes, students take part in peer-to-peer group learning and experiential activities, while receiving individualized instruction that intentionally emphasizes self-awareness and personal development. In addition to providing participants with empowering language skills, this program places a unique emphasis on mentorship. Each participant is paired with a DreamRoot Instructor for one-on-one coaching and support.

Spring 2020 ESL Highlight Video!

It has been incredible to see the level of growth from the participants; not just their English language skills but self-confidence and setting higher goals for themselves. Further, the bond and supportive community formed within this group has been life-giving, especially during this challenging quarantine season.

Having gotten to know the participants, we love to talk to them about their plans and hopes for their future. Their goals for this program are to become proficient in English where they are better positioned to build a career and a brighter future for themselves and their families. The participants shared that it has been a life-long dream to attend English classes but, due to financial constraints, their
dream had been unattainable. This Spring, their dream to learn English has become a reality.



In the DreamRoot ESL Cohort, participants learn, through the vehicle of language classes, how to find and use their voices. Whether leading oneself or others, the language we use and the narratives we tell play an important role in our effectiveness as leaders.Check out our DreamRoot YouTube channel to get to know the cohort participants, including Jhessika and Beatriz. In their own words, you will hear about their dreams for the future and their perspective on leadership. Plus, subscribe to our channel to stay tuned for more videos and leadership tools.

Thanks for being a part of this mission of equipping emerging leaders and making the dream of education a reality!




Amy Passos

Executive Director, DreamRoot Leadership Institute

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